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Easter Eggs and Marriage Beds: Why Some Things Are Worth Waiting For

When it comes to marriage and holidays, our society encourages us to “celebrate” long before the Big Day has arrived, often leaving us feeling empty when the festivities have subsided. Catholicism offers a better, more fulfilling and sustainable alternative.


Drones and the Sexual Revolution

Like birth control, the technological advantages of drone warfare have only created new problems and exacerbated old ones.

Our Brave New World

A recent Huffington Post article left me convinced that I had stumbled upon some brilliant, albeit disturbing, Huxleyan satire of modern society. Yet, despite my hopes to the contrary, it became abundantly clear that what I was reading was not a fan fiction prequel to Brave New World, but was instead an entirely non-fictitious human being’s vision for a better world.


Above the spectrum, but not above using Twitter

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St. Thomas and the Tao

There is a need for a more in-depth explanation of the Tao, and how it includes, but does not equate to, the natural law tradition of Aquinas.


Can the GOP be Saved?

I’m doubtful, but Commentary Magazine has a nice piece out explaining just how this feat can be achieved. In their estimation, it necessitates Republicans making serious corrections in five areas: economics, immigration, the common good, social issues, and science.



Liberalism and Natural Law: Deneen contra Schlueter

If the Founding Fathers were able to successfully fuse liberalism with natural law, it is not a conception of natural law that has much internal consistency exclusive to the pre-modern Western understanding of the term.