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Is Capitalism Anti-Conservative?

What does it mean to be a conservative? In the American sense of the word, it largely means a commitment to two things: the free market and traditional values. The modern GOP, as allegedly supportive of family values as it is of low corporate tax rates, is the embodiment of such a seemingly natural harmony.

However, as Andrew Sullivan recently pointed out, these might be mutually exclusive ideas. That is to say, gains for one will come at the expense of the other. His main point is, I think, an obvious one, but one that those on the American right don’t seem to grasp: capitalism tends to destroy traditional values and ways of life.



The Merits and Limitations of “Conscious Capitalism”

In my estimation, Mackey is to be genuinely congratulated for his business practices. Listening to him speak, it’s easy to see that his regard for the welfare of both his employees and customers is born of deep convictions, and not mere market strategies. He has provided an exceptional example of how a businessman can be remarkably successfully while still adhering to high ethical standards.

However, what Mackey has definitively not provided is a comprehensive answer to the depraved state of capitalism in America today.