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  1. Hi,

    I found your piece on Pope Benedict very well written. I am curious, have you ever read anything by Patrick Deneen or David Schindler on American Liberalism? I believe that, like MacIntyre, they have a very important critique that we (Americans) need to begin to consider and to discuss. I have some close friends with whom this discussion has already become quite lively as a matter of fact. Perhaps in the future we can sit down and chat. I live in the D.C. area.


  2. Hi Tim, thanks for the comment.

    Reading MacIntyre definitely aroused my suspicions about liberalism and its inability to promote human flourishing. My thoughts on After Virtue are that you have to read it twice: the first to time to obliterate your previously held assumptions, and the second time to fully comprehend his articulation of the virtuous society. I still need to read it a second time. Maybe then I’ll have an adequate response to the critics who say, “Well, what do you propose?”

    It’s telling that you mention Deneen. I think his work has had a significant impact on how I view all of this, at least his more popular stuff. His blog, “What I Saw in America,” is one of the internet’s best kept secrets. I hope to engage with some of his more academic work in the future. And I haven’t heard of David Schindler but I will look in to him!

    I’m not living in the Imperial City at the moment, but could be in short order. I wouldn’t mind having a Front Porch Republic-esque meet-up. Feel free to email me your contact info. And, as always, thanks for reading.

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