Worthwhile Sites

Links to websites, the principles of which I more or less agree with.

Ethika Politika

“We believe that human beings are integral wholes. And we believe that right human action always reflects this nature, and cannot be at odds with it… The authors at Ethika Politika seek to identify and dispel the myth that human persons can live a divided life.”

First Things

“First Things is published by The Institute on Religion and Public Life, an interreligious, nonpartisan research and education institute whose purpose is to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society.”

The Public Discourse

“Public Discourse is an online publication of the Witherspoon Institute that seeks to enhance the public understanding of the moral foundations of free societies by making the scholarship of the fellows and affiliated scholars of the Institute available and accessible to a general audience.”

The Distributist Review

“The Distributist Review is a journal analyzing current events through the theoretical and practical socio-economic theory of Distributism; combining provocative and sharp commentary along with golden age Distributist essays.”

What I Saw in America

“Notre Dame political theorist by day, Notre Dame political theorist by night.”

Front Porch Republic

“We’re convinced that scale, place, self-government, sustainability, limits, and variety are key terms with which any fruitful debate about our corporate future must contend. We invite you to read along, and perhaps join the discussion.”

Vox Nova

“It is our goal to investigate and discuss how the church can better carry out its mission in the world.  To do this we present our ideas in the areas of politics, economics, ethics, theology, philosophy, history and more in the hope of engaging our readership in substantive conversation.”

The American Conservative

” TAC is nonpartisan and devoted to the conservative disposition, not the Republican Party. We broadly stand for fiscal restraint, civil liberties, and a prudent foreign policy, and we incorporate a range of voices.”

The Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture

“At the Center for Ethics and Culture, we believe that the truth the church affirms about the human person is the foundation for freedom, justice, human dignity, and the common good. All our work is aimed at one goal: to share the richness of this Catholic moral and intellectual tradition through teaching, research, and dialogue, at the highest level and across a range of disciplines.


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